Tuesday, April 21, 2015


By Raina Telgemeier with color by Braden Lamb
New York : Graphix, 2014, Grade 4-6

This story is about the author, her family and the road trip they are about to take to go visit her family in Colorado Springs. It goes through all the struggles that the family experiences along the way on this road trip. This story also shares some good memories (flashbacks) that have occurred causing the family to be at the point which they are at now. It takes you through the timeline of the trip and the visit with her family and nothing goes as planned.

The author's writing style is very detailed and fun. She does not back away form the bad stuff. The reader can see that she wants to include anything that could possibly happen on a family trip. She fills her story with emotions, both good and bad. Since this books is mainly pictures with little writing the illustrations do most of the talking. However, with as little words there are she does at great job at getting her point across!

The illustrations are wonderful! They are full of life and color. Every illustration fits the scene that is happening at that point in the book! The flashbacks that occur in this book are made in a more dull olden type color, which allows for easy knowledge of what parts of the story are from the past and which ones are current. Since it is written like a comic book, the illustrator and author have made it very easy to know what order to read the pictures in.

I personally loved this book! I myself have a younger sister, so I could relate to a lot of the conflict between the two girls in this book. I thought it was a very cute read. I also really enjoyed that the author used a more comic book style to write this book. For someone who doesn't like to read books that often like myself or prefers to look at pictures, this would be a great book to choose. I believe that it can be very relatable to any kid that has siblings and has ever ridden in a car for a long period of time with them. I would suggest this book to any kid grade 4-6 but I feel girls would enjoy it more then boys because it is centered around Raina in the book.

Review by Laura Shelley 

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