Friday, April 03, 2015

A Math Journey Through the Animal Kingdom

A Math Journey Through the Animal Kingdom
By  Anne Rooney
St. Catharines, Ontario ; New York : Crabtree Publishing, 2015, Ages 8-13

This story has fifteen different scenarios which the student is to solve. On the first page of each activity, it is explained on how to solve a specific type of problem with an example. Then on the following page is an activity for students to complete with questions. 

The story is more vocabulary and activity based for students. Through reading this book students will be given vocabulary words and shown an example describing what the word means. For example, "The perimeter is the distance around the outline of a shape. The area of a shape is the space inside the perimeter." In the book every word but perimeter and area is bold so that way students know what the vocabulary word or words are for those two pages.

The illustrations are all pictures. I believe that all the illustrations are effective because all the activities use animals in their activity which will keep all students engaged.

I thought the book was fantastic. The activities in the book could be used for entrance slips or exit slips. But could also be used as test questions which students would enjoy because all the question are related to animals. I definitely recommend this book for grades 3-8. There is a variety of activities for all grades. 

Review by Stephanie Siegel

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