Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Anastasia Again!

Anastasia Again! 

Written by Lois Lowry; Illustrated by Diane deGroat

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014, Ages 11-14

The story is about a twelve-year old girl named Anastasia who is adjusting to the move from the city of Boston to the suburbs. Anastasia is initially unhappy with the idea of moving because she is afraid that people would not like her because she is from the city. However, Anastasia comes to learn that life and the people in the suburbs is not what she thought it was to be. She eventually adjusts to the move, and finds happiness in the new, unexpected friendships with the people that she meets.

The story is told in a third-person limited point of view with insight from the perspective of Anastasia.

The cover of the book appears to have been hand-drawn. It is colorful, and it depicts a scene of the character of Anastasia appearing to be thoughtfully reflecting on her family's move while sitting on the moving boxes. The rest of the book has very few pictures which appear at the beginning of each chapter in black and white.

I really liked the book. It was an easy read, and I think it is relatable to many kids who have had to adjust to a move or any other type of similar situation. The book really captures and creatively depicts the perspective of a pre-teen girl. I would recommend this book to older kids because it does mention topics such as sex that some people might feel is inappropriate for younger kids to read.

Review by Christine McBride

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