Monday, April 25, 2016

What James Said

What James Said

Writen by Liz Rosenberg; Illustrated by Matt Myers

Roaring Brook Press, 2015, Ages 4-8

The story What James Said is about a little girl who finds out one of her friends, James, was telling kids that she thought she was perfect. This made her very upset, so all day at school she avoided and ignored him. James followed her around all day asking if she was okay. When it came to the art show James told her her art was perfect. When the girl won the art contest her friend James cheered and whistled her on. She felt so happy that she gave James her ribbon and winning picture. 

The writing style is that of the little girl telling the story. The writing style makes it sound like any young child who is fighting with their friends. 

The illustrations are open, fun, and are used with watercolors. The illustrations also add more to the story, and keeping it engaging. 

I really like this book. I would recommend the book, because I think it teaches a very good lesson to young kids. I would read this to a 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th grade class. This book explains how rumors get spread, and how they are not always true. This book demonstrates that if the little girl would have asked her friend James if what he said was true, she wouldn't have ignored him all day. Another thing is, the book could show kids what could happen when they spread rumors. At the beginning of the book it shows all the kids passing the rumor. They can show kids that this can change the wording of something someone said, and can hurt someone's feelings. 

Reviewed by Hannah Mulford

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