Monday, April 25, 2016

Pinkalicious and the Pink Parakeet

Pinkalicious and the Pink Parakeet

Written and illustrated by Victoria Kann

Harper Collins, 2015, Ages 4-8

This story is about a young girl named Pinkalicious. It is bird week at her school. Throughout the story Pinkalicious explains different bird facts that she has learned from her book. She is specifically interested in the Pink Parakeet. On the last day of bird week, her class took a field trip to the zoo. They saw many birds at the zoo such as parrots, peacocks, lovebirds, and toucans. Just as they were walking out, one of the birds gave her a hint and they found the Pink Parakeet. It was sitting in Pinkalicious’ teacher’s hood. Unfortunately, by the time Pinkalicious caught up to her teacher outside, the bird had flown away. Pinkalicious recalled the facts that she had read about in the bird book and put out water and fruit to attract the Pink Parakeet. Her tactics to get the bird back worked and Ms. Penny returned the Pink Parakeet back to the zoo safe and sound.

The author using a writing style that is interesting and attention-grabbing for the reader. One aspect of the writing style that the author uses is alliterations. These alliterations make it fun and entertaining for the reader. The alliteration used in the title “Pinkalicious and the Pink Parakeet” grabs the reader’s attention right from the start. The alliteration in this title focuses on the letter “p” and the sounds that it makes. The author also uses a lot of quotes and conversations between the characters to tell the story. This helps keep the reader entertained and engaged throughout the story. 

The illustrations are one of the main supporting factors for this story. The illustrations help add detail to the story that the reader needs in order to fully understand and visualize the text. The illustrations seen in this children’s book are very detailed and colorful. They help portray the emotions of the main characters throughout the book. They also make the story feel more lively and engaging for the reader. On majority of the pages throughout the book, the illustrations are the main focus of the pages. The text is just supporting the main focus of the illustrations on many of the pages. 

Personally, I really enjoyed this book. It was very entertaining and engaging for the reader. The author made sure to create a fun and light-hearted book for young children through the use of colors, alliterations, and illustrations. This book is a successful children’s book because it is fun, entertaining, and engaging while also educational about birds at the same time. I would recommend this book to anyone between the ages of 4-8. It is also a book that parents can enjoy, too. It is a perfect starting book for children beginning to read. The illustrations can help the beginning reader use context clues to figure out any words that they do not know yet. This is a skill that all children need to learn, and this book is a good start for developing this skill. 

Reviewed by Emily Hawley

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