Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pig Kahuna Who’s That PIG?

Pig Kahuna Who’s That PIG? 

Written and illustrated by Jennifer Sattler

Bloomsbury Children’s Books, 2015, Ages 3-6

This picture book is about two brother pigs enjoying a normal day on the beach. They end up seeing another little girl pig on the same beach. The younger of the brother pigs is more outgoing and immediately runs over to meet the potential friend. The older of the two pigs is shy and keeps his distance for most of the story. The older pig brother starts to feel left out because his younger brother and the little girl pig start look like they are having so much fun without him. Eventually the older pig breaks out of his shyness by helping out a friend and he gets proper recognition for his sweet personality. 

This children’s book would better be described as a picture book. Every page of the book is a full illustration. The words are used in active places on page. For example, much of the dialogue is written in text that curves around the speaker. It is obvious that the author chose every word in a particular way. The text of the pages is written on both the top and the bottom of the pages. 

The illustrations in the book are beautiful and add to the story. The art in this book was created with acrylics and colored pencil. The way in which each of the pigs is illustrated depicts their personality. For example, the younger brother pig that has an outgoing personally is dressed minimally in a small diaper. The older brother pig that has a very shy personality is dressed in a button up shirt even though he is on a hot beach. The girl pig is wearing a very quirky outfit complete with crazy glasses; this represents her unique personality very well. 

I think that this is a very cute book for young children. This book might be more special for children that are shy. This book has a very sweet and simple value that would be easy for children to understand. The pictures are well done and would be keep the interest of a young student. There is a lot of dialogue in this children’s book, which gives teachers and parents an opportunity to act out different voices. This book would be a good addition to a lesson. 

Reviewed by Taylor Hanes 

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