Monday, April 25, 2016

A Bear Called Paddington

A Bear Called Paddington 

Written by Michael Bond; Illustrated by Peggy Fortnum

Harper Collins, 2014, Ages 6-10

A Bear Called Paddington is an entertaining children's book. Paddington bear is from Peru, he originally lived with his aunt who pushed him to move away after she decided to check into a retirement home for the older bears. With that being said, Paddington sets out on the adventure of a lifetime carrying only a few jars of marmalade, a suitcase, and a tag around his neck saying "Please take care of this bear. Thank you." Paddington meets Mr. and Mrs. Brown at Paddington station where they ask him his name and he replies that he does not have one. The Browns decide to name him Paddington because they met him at Paddington Station and take him in as one of their own. Paddington easily becomes part of the family, the two Brown children love Paddington as well as most of the people around him. Throughout Paddington's time at the Brown families house he gets himself into many messy adventures including his first bath and his first time to the store. Nonetheless, things always work out in the end for the always friendly Paddington Bear. 

The author's writing style is very smooth, the book flows very well together and keeps the readers engaged throughout the whole book. The word choice in this book seems to be very carefully written with just the right amount of humor along with imagination to keep the attention of the readers. 

The illustrations in this book are innocent and pleasant to look at. Paddington is presented as a charming little bear with distinct features that set him apart from the rest. The illustrations are simple but they get the point across of where the characters are at and what the setting is. 

I would absolutely recommend this book to others. Paddington is a feel good book for anyone who wants to enjoy a delightful story and end with a smile. 

Reviewed by Bridget Benedict

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