Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Life Without Nico

Life Without Nico

Written by Andrea Maturano; illustrated by Francisco Javier Olea

Kids Can Press, 2016, Ages 4-8

This story is about two best friends who do everything together. One day the boy's dad tells them that they are moving away. The kids get really upset and the girl has to learn to live without her best friend Nico. As the story continues she discovers new things in life that make her happier even if Nico isn't there. By the end of the book Nico moves back and the girl wonders if he will be able to fit into her new life. When he comes back she realizes that "there are some things that cannot change". 

  The author's writing style is simple, but gets the point of the story across at the same time. She does a good job at describing what each character is going through, while at the same time keeping it sweet and simple. 

The illustrations are impeccable and really pull the reader in because they accurately portray what each character is feeling throughout the entire book. They are so intricate and unique in their own way, but at the same time they look almost effortless. He does a great job with shading and catching the mood of what is being told with his illustrations. 

I would recommend this book to any teachers who are looking for books to read for their young students. It has a great message and children Pre-K through third could definitely benefit and enjoy this book. 

Reviewed by Hanna Weber

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