Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Specs for Rex

Specs for Rex

Written and illustrated by Yasmin Ismail

Bloomsbury Children's Books, 2014, Ages 4-8

This book is about Rex who has new glasses. He hates his glasses with a passion so he tries to hide them in the weirdest places. Throughout the book it talks about the different hiding places. After awhile his glasses earn him a big gold star and that makes Rex think twice about his glasses. 

The author uses short sentences that attract the younger audience. 

The illustrations are a watercolor and the colors the author uses are a red and a yellow. These colors pop off the white background and it is fun and interesting to the eye. 

I found this book very good. It shows the audience that being different is a good thing. Growing up with glasses I related to this book because I also hated my glasses. I thought everyone was judging me by the way I looked. This is a very good book to read to a class of diverse children. I would really recommend this book to many teachers. 

Reviewed by Kelsey C.

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