Friday, October 18, 2013

You Make Me Smile

Marlow, Layn. You Make Me Smile. Holiday House, 2013. ISBN: 9780823429226 

The story is about a child's first experience with the winter season.  It touches on the joys of snow, the winter chill, and the most exciting part for kids which is making a snowman.  The author uses simple but effective vocabulary in this story.  Marlow uses rhyme and alliteration to enhance the story and develop a child's early language skills. Lines such as "suddenly, silently, frozen flakes are falling from the sky" properly show Marlow's writing style.  The illustrations fit the story well.  They are full of color and allow for a child to relate to the experience of winter.  They connect with the words on each page and help enhance the reading experience.  The illustrations are done in pencil.  The most effective illustration is of the finished snowman smiling.  

I enjoyed reading the book.  It took me back to my first time playing in the snow.  This book would be good to give children a chance to connect to the action of playing in the snow.  It helps children understand that when winter is over, the snowman will melt away, but that he will come back again. Overall, it is a fun book to bring in the winter season and to get a child excited about the cold and the snow.  This title would appeal to children Pre-K through 1st grade.

Cecelia Williamson, BGSU Student

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