Sunday, October 06, 2013

Prairie Chicken Little

Hopkins, Jackie Mims. Prairie Chicken Little. Peachtree Publishers. 2013.  ISBN: 9781561456949  

This story is about a group of feathery friends trying to run away from a stampede.  They run into the sneaky fox on their way to Cowboy Stan and Red Dog Dan.  The author introduces characters and constantly repeats their names so readers remember who they are.  She conveys a dialect in this book as well as fun slang and rhyming such as "lickety-split!"  The illustrations are all set in a similar place-the country.  There is a lot of greenery and earthy tones.  The shapes and facial expressions of the animals are unique!  I would recommend this book as part of a lesson plan for teaching about the "west. I think any first or second grade class would enjoy the story and the punchline at the end! Age ranges to which this book would appeal: 5 to 8.


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