Friday, October 04, 2013


Hicks, Kelli. Honesty (part of the Little World Social Skills series). Rourke Educational Media. 2013. ISBN: 9781618101327

This story revolves around honesty and describes real life scenarios in which people can choose to be honest.  The author's writing style is simple and her tone is encouraging and caring.  You can tell through her writing that this book is geared for children-specifically preschoolers-because it is setting the groundwork of right versus wrong for them to follow.  The illustrations are family-friendly and make this story credible.  The pictures are of real kids in settings kids are  at everyday-at school, with family, at home, with friends, and at the playground.  This book is perfect for preschoolers and Kindergarteners and could even affect toddlers.  The author does a good job of explaining good and moral behavior in every day life and in social interactions with others.


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