Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Wing Wing Brothers: Carnival De Math

Long, Ethan. The Wing Wing Brothers: Carnival De Math. New York: Holiday House, 2013.
This story is about a group of brother ducks at a carnival. Through several carnival activities, the mathematical concepts of addition and subtraction are addressed.
The author includes a lot of onomatopoeia words like "crash" and "Wham" and alliterations. All the brother's names start with a W, as well as many of the words throughout the story like "way" and "wait".
The illustrations are all of the same color scheme with a very "carnival feel". The entire book is covered with pictures, with hardly any white space; many scenes are shown.
I think this book is helpful for adding and subtracting numbers by ten. It would be appropriate for first and second grade students. It would be a good book to incorporate into a carnival or festival unit. However; I didn't like the confusion between each of the brother's names. I do think kids would find the book humorous.

Reviewer: EmkAsh

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