Friday, October 18, 2013

Millions, Billions, & Trillions: Understanding Big Numbers

Adler, David A, and Edward Miller. Millions, Billions & Trillions: Understanding Big Numbers. New York: Holiday House, 2013

This story addresses the concept of million, billion, and trillion. It's a wonderful book for learning about BIG numbers.
The author relates these numbers to real life situations. Such as, how many boxes of pizza on million dollars could buy? It's fun for kids!
The illustrations are kid friendly and meet the interests of school ages kids. there's pizza, ice cream, and birthday parties included! The book is colorful and interesting.
The book is good for elementary children in first to fifth grade. Sometimes all the information is overwhelming, but it is a fun way to learn about big numbers through kid-friendly topics. A good book to incorporate in a math (numbers) or social studies (population) lesson!

                                                Reviewer: EmkAsh

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