Thursday, October 17, 2013

In the Kitchen: Word Building with Prefixes and Suffixes

Scheunemann, Pam. In the Kitchen: Word Building with Prefixes and Suffixes. Minneapolis, Minn: ABDO Pub. Co, 2013

This story is about prefix and suffix usage. The actions being analyzed all take place in the kitchen. the author has a clear meaning and throughout the second portion of the book creates rhymes like "time" and "lime".
The author uses challenging words at times but references what they mean in the glossary located on the last page.
The illustrations are mostly realistic, but some of the pictures in the second part of the book could be laid out better. all the scenes about prefixes and suffixes take place realistically in the kitchen.
I would recommed this book for a grammatical lesson plan on prefix and suffix usuage. It would be fun to play out some of the scenes in the school's kitchen. It is appropriate for children learning about prefixes and suffixes. Some of the rhyming I would definitely consider kid's humor.

                                                                         Reviewer: EmkAsh

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