Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Whitney Houston: Recording Artist and Actress

Whitney Houston: Recording Artist and Actress
By Christine Heppermann
Minneapolis, MN : ABDO Pub. Co., 2013, Ages 10 to adult 

This book explored the life of Whitney Houston. The author tell the reader about the good and the bad of her life. She even gave details about the people who Whitney was close to during her life.

The author's style is very graceful. The book flows together connecting the major accomplishments of her life.

I really loved the pictures. It was nice to see pictures of her from childhood rather than the ones of her singing. The pictures gave me a good sense of what happened. 

I would recommend this book to kids around the ages of about fifth grade and up. The author mentions Whitney's drug usage, and I feel students below fifth grade level may not understand what was going on.

Reviewed by B.A. 

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