Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Jasper & Joop

Jasper & Joop a Perfect Pair: One Tidy, One Messy

Written and illustrated by Olivier Dunrea
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013

Jasper & Joop will appeal to toddlers and young children. It follows two ducks, both completely different in character and personality. Jasper is a small, white duck who is very neat and tidy and doesn't take risks. Joop, on the other hand, is a small grey duck who is very messy and doesn't seem to take life too seriously-always getting himself into all sorts of trouble. Soon, they come across a bee hive and this event tests their friendship.In the end, both shift a little so that the friendship grows stronger than ever before.

Readers will love this sweet and easy to read book. Dunrea's writing is laid out in a way that each page belongs to one of the ducks, making it easy to compare Jasper and Joop, and to see how they come together by the end of the story. The illustrations are fun-filled and you see the duck's expressions and personality through them. The illustrations even show the journey the ducks take to get away from the bees in great detail. The scenes are simple to go perfectly with the short, yet fun text. I loved this book! It was a fun read and I think toddlers and young children would love to see the friendship between Jasper and Joop. It can bring wonderful discussion about how even though we are all different, we can still work together and get along with each other.

Reviewed by Katie Shearer

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