Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Nat the Cat's Sunny Smile

Nat the Cat's Sunny Smile
By Jez Alborough
Tulsa, OK : Kane Miller, 2013, Ages 3-7

Nat the Cat wanted to go on a picnic with her friends Billy Goat and Hugo Hare.  Nat the Cat arrived at each of his friend's home with a huge smile and a picnic basket in his hand. But one by one his friends declined her invitation to join him. Will Nat the Cat have a picnic alone?

The author uses a lot of rhyming in this book which makes it an easy read. The bright colored and descriptive illustrations add to this delightful story.

I would recommend this book to other kids.  It was an enjoyable easy read. The song music and lyrics are included so after you read the story, you can sing the song.

Reviewed by MB

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