Friday, May 23, 2014

Pete Won't Eat

Pete Won't Eat
By Emily Arnold McCully
New York : Holiday House, 2013, Ages K - 2

Pete won't eat the treat his mom made. He isn't allowed to go out and play until he eats his treat:  green slop.

The author keeps the writing short and simple but still enough to explain the situation and the consequence of Pete not eating the green slop. Children could read this book because the text is big, simple and short.

The pictures match the text. For pages that have a a few differences in dialogue or thoughts, there are illustrations for each different dialogue/thought to match that thought.

I recommend this book:  it is simple. It would be for starting readers. I think any book a beginning reader can read is great because it will give them confidence to keep reading and that they can read. This is exactly what this book does.

--review by BGSU student

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