Monday, March 31, 2014

Willow Finds A Way

Button, Lana, and Tania Howells. Willow Finds a Way. Toronto, ON: Kids Can Press, 2013.

Willow's classmate, Krisabella, is throwing a fantastic birthday party that everyone wants to come to.  She makes the class eat lunch with her, wear pink, and play the games she chooses at recess or they can't go to her party.

The writing style is simple for younger students.  The book is easy to read.  It showed emotions and peer pressure for young children, but the overall situation would be better for teens.

The illustrations are very simple, all on white pages. The characters are drawn small but they match the text very well.

I think the birthday party scenario fits teens, not elementary students.  It reminds me of the competition for the best sweet 16 birthday party.  Also the actions Kristabella controls are one right after another - it doesn't build well. Willow leads the class to crossing their own names off the list which show s leadership and that a peer can't control you.  But, Kristabella's apology is subtle.  Overall the lesson could have been more powerful.

This book would appeal to ages 4-8

Reviewer: CH

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