Monday, July 20, 2009

Over In the Arctic: Where the Cold Wind Blows

Berkes, Marianne. Over in the Arctic: Where the Cold Wind Blows. Dawn Publications: 2008. ISBN: 9781584691099.

Marianne Berkes has once again created an interactive story that is whimsical and inviting to the reader in Over in the Artic: Where the Cold Wind Blows. This continuation of the “Over in the…” theme captures the reader’s attention with its rhythmic flow. From the cover of the book, the reader is fully engaged in the melodic verse that weaves the story together. The reader anticipates the sequential nature of the book and remains engaged for what arctic animal comes next. The reader’s eye is drawn to the varying textures on the page that the illustrator, Jill Dubin, has skillfully crafted with her cut paper designs. The combination of color and texture gives the allusion of a 3-D creation. Following the text, the reader is invited on an “I Spy” adventure of sorts to look back through the illustrations in search of more arctic animals. There is a brief synopsis of each type of animal to further develop the reader’s understanding of the animals and their relation to the world around them. The author has graciously included related activities to extend the child’s learning and spark their creativity. This frozen adventure draws the reader into this stark world that in reality is teaming with life and possibility.

Sue Tressel, Bowling Green State University, EDTL 6950

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