Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Am An Octopus: The Life of a Common Octopus

Shaskan, Trisha Speed. I Am an Octopus: The Life of a Common Octopus. Picture Window Books: 2008. ISBN: 9781404847293.

This vibrant colored, non-fiction book, I Am an Octopus: The Life of a Common Octopus, by Trisha Speed Shaskan is one of eight in a series entitled “I Live in the Ocean" where ocean animals provide a first-hand account of their life as told in this story by the common octopus. The uncomplicated, scientific text enlightens even the youngest of readers about animal life in the ocean. The detailed, up-close visually intriguing illustrations are age appropriate and very well matched to the text. Made available to the reader by the author are many extras such as an index, diagram, glossary, book list, fun facts, sidebars and safe websites in an attempt to further educate the reader on the subject matter introduced in the story. This book about the life of the common octopus will captivate the interest of both young children and adults alike and they will want to go through the pages time and time again.

Sue Winebar, Bowling Green State University, EDTL 6950

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