Thursday, October 13, 2016

Women who changed the world: 50 Amazing Americans

Women who changed the world: 50 Amazing Americans

Written by Laurie Calkhoven, Illustrated by Patricia Castelao

Scholastic Inc., 2016, Ages 10+

This story is about the real lives of women who have been empowering and inspirational to women throughout the United States.  Fifty women are discussed who have changed our nation for the better by making progress for women all over the country.  In the past, women have not had the right to vote, own their own property, or even be expected to excel in their education.  These women discussed in the book have overcome the odds by speaking out and even risking their own lives to prove the point that women should be equal to men and should have equal opportunities.  Some women discussed in this book include Pocahontas, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lucille Ball, and Maya Angelou.

The author's writing style is right to the point and very factual.  However, the tone of the book reflects positivity.  The personality and the voice of the book make the book very pleasurable to read.  It focuses on uplifting women.

The illustrations of this book are fun to look at because they resemble actual people (the people discussed in the book), but they look like cartoon characters.  They are colorful and show the bodily expressions that the people would be likely to portray in real life.

I really enjoyed reading this book.  There were so many amazing stories shared about all of these women, and I think other women would really enjoy reading this book.  The women talked about have so many different qualities about them that make them inspirational whether it's their athletic ability, their ability to get politically involved, or their ability to think outside of the box.  This book would most likely be enjoyed by girls just starting their teen years and older because they are just starting to learn about their roles in this world.  This book is appreciative towards women fighting for equality.

Reviewed by Ciara G.

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