Monday, October 13, 2014

My Blue Bunny, Bubbit

My Blue Bunny, Bubbit
Maggie Smith
Boston: Clarion Books, 2014, Ages 5-8

This story is about a little girl and her shared interest in sewing with her grandmother (whom she calls "Nonni"). Since Nonni made her granddaughter a stuffed animal when she was just a baby, the little girl wants to make her new little brother a stuffed animal so he isn't lonely in his crib. Together they build the little girl's new baby brother a stuffed animal elephant. 

The book is a narrative given by the little girl. There is dialogue, punctuation, and full sentences used throughout the book. The book is not necessarily a quick read, but a cute story to incorporate into the classroom. It would be good to recommend this to a student who has a new baby sibling on the way. Alliteration is also featured in the title "My Blue Bunny, Bubbit." 

The illustrations are very beautiful and colorful. At the very front and very back of the book there is illustrations of what is "in my sewing basket" which includes labels of all the different items used in sewing such as a "seam ripper" and "felt for practicing." Children will enjoy all that is going on in the pictures. 

I would recommend this to a child who has a new baby sibling or family member on the way. It would a great book to expand on by making something special for that new baby sibling. This is also a fabulous book for a child who is interested in making things, sewing, or has a family member who sews often. 

Reviewed by EmKAsh

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