Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tony Baloney: School Rules

Tony Baloney: School Rules
By Pam Munoz Ryan and Edwin Fotheringham
New York: Scholastic Books, 2013, Ages 3-6

Tony Baloney the penguin learns about the rules at school and how to follow them. He learns things the hard way however, but later improvises when he understands that there is a situation that would be against the rules, however his friend needed help so he broke the rule and the teacher explained why that was a good thing. 

Has a dialogue with Tony and his stuffed animal. The stuffed animal talks about common fears children have before going to school about rules, and Tony is more optimistic about how fun school will be despite the common fears. 

The illustrations are really cute and demonstrate what would really happen at school. Everyone is a penguin. 

I think it's cute and I would read this to a group of Pre-K and Kindergarten students at the beginning of the year. I think telling the consequences through Tony's bad experiences will help students realize the bad things that might happen if they do not follow rules. I wish they would have added a rule about how to stand in line, I think first graders have a particularly difficult time with this concept.

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