Thursday, April 10, 2014

Picture Book of Daniel Boone

Adler, David A. & Adler, Michael S.  Picture Book of Daniel Boone.  New York : Holiday House, 2013.

This book is about the life of Daniel Boone and how he progressed through his life from a young boy to a historical hero.  Daniel Boone would pioneer many to establish a wilderness trail and Daniel would eventually become political for his causes.  The book is short and gives little detail but does highlight the most important details in Daniel Boone's and his family's life.  Among them, historical events and conflicts of research.

The illustrations are amazing with great detail and life-like images.  The wild turkey looks almost like it is really standing there in front of the reader.  The images seem to have a realistic quality and not cartoon effects.  I would recommend this book.  I believe there is good historical information touched on.  The iamges really get the viewer the realistic point of view.  Kids aged 7 to 10 would be able to grasp this text.

SRB, BGSU student

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